Indian Nation needs education more than qualification

Education and Qualification are two completely different aspects of human society – and should not be mixed-up or confused for one another.  You will find many qualified but uneducated people – and much educated but unqualified people – world over.

Qualification is essentially a certification by an authority – which means that the certificate issuing authorities vouch for your knowledge & competence.  We have seen all over the world that such system has miserably failed to ensure quality – a certificate is no guarantee for competence.

A certificate is only (just represents) what others can think you are – not necessarily what you actually are!  But I am not decrying or devaluing this process / system altogether – as it is generally equipped to filter, grade and tag people to some extent quite accurately.

Unfortunately qualification are commercially bought and sold these days world over – including India! This is where the danger is!  How prepared or willing you will be to be treated or operated by a Doctor / Surgeon who had obtained his qualification by purchase?

Education (know-how & do-how) on the other hand – is superior to mere qualification many times over – as it is demonstrable competence through performance – and not just a piece of paper.  Education is a measure of intelligence!  Intelligence is the ability to perceive, pose and resolve problems of growth & prosperity for self, family and the society. When this intelligence & ability increases further through what ever means (study or experience) – you get a statesman – a leader of a nation or a world leader.

True leaders are hard to get. An educated leader is an asset to the society, a state, a nation and the world at large – as the case may be – because they grow by growing the society they live in – and its prosperity.

But we have a large number of only qualified leaders that we can see in the world in plenty of places – called “politicians”.  It is these qualified leaders (this category includes attached bureaucrats who exercise enormous authority to obstruct than promote a useful developmental process) who are destroying the basic fabric of the societies all over the world.

The basic difference between “true education” & “mere qualification” can be see in people from their – “mentality”.  One exudes mental prosperity and the other mental poverty. Educated people work for the society’s peace and prosperity even at the risk of losing their own personal peace & prosperity. But the “qualified but not educated” people will work for their own personal & family prosperity (they cannot have peace in any case) – if not mostly – invariably – at the risk of drowning the society in poverty.

Education imparts “Ethics” and thereby “self-esteem” to perform and serve the society.  Mere qualification provides entries into positions of power through corruption – opportunities to conquer shame – and then rob the society, the sate or the nation itself!

We as “Indian Nation” need education more than qualification!


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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  1. Hi chitya…very well very thoughts :)..this blog was long over due 🙂 congratulations

  2. Well said! This distinction, needs to be inculcated in teachers but in parents of this world.

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