12 principles for great grand success in life!

1. Communication

All indications are that willful decisions not to communicate were a significant part of the

original factors which caused us to deteriorate. In any situation where you are unsure as to whether to say something or not, your best course (lacking any other reasons) would be to communicate rather than to keep your mouth shut. One of Hubbard’s most famous quotes is – “When in doubt, communicate”. And if you do get in trouble for communicating, the solution is often to communicate more rather than to back down.

2. Confront

Flinching at things and backing down from them leaves them free to operate against you.

That which is not confronted tends to persist.  That which is fully viewed tends to come back under one’s control and ceases to affect one adversely. And so it is generally better to face up to things rather than to suppress them or hide them.

3. Forgiveness

We have been at each others throats for a long time, in a mutually destructive tit for tat.  We have taken turns for lifetime after lifetime playing good guys and bad guys.  Both Jesus and Buddha saw this one and it is an important part of the road out. If you need more encouragement, then please realize that forgiving others lessens the weight of your own karma, for in forgiving them you forgive yourself as well.  And we have all been around long enough to have tried every possible role and committed every dastardly deed at least a few times.  The only way out is mutual forgiveness and an abandonment of vengeance and getting even.

4. Responsibility

At the top, responsibility means causation and control rather than blame.  If you are responsible for something, it is part of your creation and if you reject responsibility and shift blame to others, it is a denial of self and an abandonment of control. In modern times people fight to avoid responsibility, but in the early days we fought to become the one who was responsible for something, for with responsibility comes power.

5. Love

Love is the highest form of acceptance.  Here is the way to embrace and permeate the

universe and it can be used to dissolve as well as to encourage.  For with love, an evil thing can be brought to fulfillment and changed so that it need no longer struggle to maintain its evil.  Turning again to the wisdom of Jesus, we find “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, “Love thine enemies”, and “God is Love”.

6. Wisdom

Knowledge is power.  Do not be afraid to learn anything.  Do not flinch from complexity or difficulty.  Learn everything you can, and do not be satisfied with the mere collection of data but strive for understanding and practical application.  Always search for the reasons why that lie behind things.

7. Rightness

Rightness is earned and comes most to those who are willing to be wrong.  Never blindly cling to your own correctness and always be willing to re-examine your premises.  The road tour is long and complex and you will have to revise your thinking many times along the way.  Be flexible and allow yourself to grow.

8. Viewpoints

At basic we are all interconnected in the infinite nothingness of which we are a part.

Anyone can and has taken on any role. Strive to see things from other’s viewpoints as well as your own.  At the top, mutually exclusive and contradictory viewpoints can be held simultaneously.  Consider playing both sides of a chess game.  As black one is determined that black shall win and as white one intends the opposite.  One person can hold both ideas.  This is the key to dissolving a game in which one has become entrapped.  Furthermore, your efforts to communicate with others are best done from the context of their viewpoints rather than your own.

9. Life

Do not reject life.  Do not suppress all desire.  Do not seek to stop all motion.

As you expand, you become more alive and more in motion.  You can have more things and enjoy more things.  At the top it is infinite creation and the motion and the things that you have are also infinite for you can create them at will. But do not let yourself be ruled by passions or desires.  Do not allow yourself to be consumed by greed or lust.  Do not become so attached to the physical that you become entrapped within it. Broader, lighter desires lead outward.  Narrow, fixated desires lead to entrapment. Enjoy passions and desires as part of the richness of your creation, but always at your will. Do not let them dominate. You are the greater and they are the shadows that you create by choice to add interest and variety to life.

10. Help

The best help is that help which eliminates the need for help. It is far better to teach someone to make money rather than to give them money, for with the one comes dependence and with the other comes greater ability and freedom. We are in this together and there is a great need for us to help each other.  But “God helps those who help themselves” and you would be wise to do the same.  Give help freely.  Do not use it as a means of domination. And most important, if you yourself wish to attain freedom and enlightenment, then guide others on the same path.  The best way to learn something is to teach, and the best way to gain something is to share it with others.

11. Opponents

If you are striving to be the best at something, always do it by raising your own skills and never by diminishing the skills of your competitors.  You run fastest when there is somebody in front of you setting the pace.  Always be glad to have a strong competitor for it leads you towards new heights. We are not really in competition.  It is only a game.  In the long run we will all be teammates together in the game of escaping from the trap. Do not crush your opponents.  You will want them around later.

12. Goals

We are all capable of infinite creation.  There is no shortage of resources at the top.

Appearances to the contrary, we are not in competition with each other.  The idea that only one will survive is false.  An immortal godlike being’s greatest need is for others like himself all adding to the richness and variety of creation for that is the only way to avoid boredom and hubris. Work towards greater ability and creativity both for yourself and others.


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I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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