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Naari – The Woman of India

Where women are respected, honored and venerated – gods will dance in ecstasy!  Where women are subjugated, insulted and ill treated – gods will vacate that place, nothing will prosper there – only misery and sorrow will prevail – that place will never have peace or happiness! This is the extract from Manusmruthi – the ancient Indian ethical & moral code book of culture.

How true it is even today! – if only if we open our eyes and take an unbiased look! The present and recent past generations of humanity may have taken objection to many tenets of Manusmruthi and argued about their irrelevance to the needs of the time – but no one can deny the fact that there are eternal principles in the order of creation and nature that continue to prevail timelessly. These principles remain “changeless laws” in the midst of all changes! Out dependence on gravity to stay on earth did not change – our dependence on Sun for energy did not change – our dependence on rains for food did not change … and these will never change – no matter how wildly different the Sci-Fi projections about the future of human survival and behaviour.

Despite all the impressive and concurrent technological progress in diverse fields of science & technology – ethical & moral degeneration of mankind witnessed in the modern times has not allowed the benefits of that material progress to contribute to life and provide happiness & peace to the mankind. The starvation for peace & happiness continues and is more rapidly & widely growing than the material prosperity. Why? Read the rest of this entry


Ten Tips From Yogic Texts And Sages

1. Eat nutritious foods that suit your constitution … in moderate quantities.

2. Walk every day … if possible.

3. Avoid people who are manipulative, loud, obnoxious, and destructive … if at all possible.

4. Keep company of people who are pleasant, easy going, cheerful … and supportive.

5. Remain silent when you have the urge to be … sarcastic or make fun of someone.

6. Help people who are in need … within your capacity.

7. Take the time to be alone everyday … and be with yourself.

8. Never give into peer pressure to drink or do drugs or go to wild parties (Get together with good friends for fun – singing & dancing is OK!).

9. Develop confidence in your own ability to do what you need to do.

10. Engage in introspection at the end of the day. Mentally wishing everyone well, always go to bed with a clean slate.

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