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The religious gurus of today..

Once upon a time there lived a male monkey by name “Sundar” in an Indian forest. He had great leadership qualities and was elected the head of the herd by virtue of its possessing a royal “tail” which was long and beautiful – by monkey standards. One day in the process of his monkey business, his tail got cut off in an accident. Sundar was terribly upset over this and feared that he will enjoy no more extra privileges & respect among his mates. He went away far from his normal residence, carrying his severed tail with him,  and sat on a big tall rock thinking what to do and how to face and resolve the crisis. When he saw at a long distance his mates coming in search of him, being very smart, he started looking at the sky and started talking & listening, questioning & answering. All his friends came near, found him talking to no one. They waited for some time and asked him what was going on – to which he quickly gestured not to disturb. After a long pause, Sundar simply paid his obeisance by prostrating to the unseen entity and then turned to his friends and addressed them thus … Hello dear friends! Are you all wondering why I came so far away and who is it that I was talking to till now? Can you believe? It was God the Creator!

Sundar to the herd: You all know that I have been a very religious person and spend most of my private time in prayers. You all gave me so much of love & respect but still there was an inexplicable emptiness deep inside me. We all eat well and have large families – but the emptiness remains and tortures me to no end. To day I was determined to find a solution to this unbearable agony. I cam here and started my intense prayers but to no avail. I was thinking of ending my life – when I heard the voice from no where – “That is a sin – Don’t even think of it”. I was astounded and shouted back … who is it? The answer came instantly … “God Your Creator”.  I was petrified and also overwhelmed…thus started a conversation as follows …

Sundar: I can hear you but can not see you – why?

God: You can hear me because you have been praying intensely and I have accepted your prayers! But you still have lot of ego left in you – hence You cannot see me!

Sundar: But I want to see you… please I beg you …

God: No you cannot! Very very sorry! I cannot grant you that so easily!

Sundar: What should I do to see you?

God: Just surrender your ego to me totally & unconditionally – then you can instantly see me.

Sundar: How do I do that?

God: Very simple … sacrifice your tail – the main symbol of your ego … cut it off and submit it to me …

Sundar: I did not think twice – I just cut of my tail and submitted to my Lord … and said here it is … how dare I doubt my own God whom I have been worshiping since my birth. But then …oh behold! … the effulgent lord! … the lord of the universe! … I was able to see him clearly and talk to him too, which continued till you all came – and you all saw that … did not you?

Monkey Herd: But we saw nothing excepting you talking into the void … and heard nothing too … excepting your voice …

Sundar: How could you hear him – none of you pray like me … do you?

Ofcourse we pray too – but well … have no idea how much and in what way you pray …!!!

Sundar: That is the crux … see! But do not be disappointed. You heard me talking to God at the end for you all … did not you? I did tell him that I cannot be selfish and enjoy this privilege alone – having grown with you all. He granted me the boon for you all explicitly … he said … Sundar … who ever surrenders his ego to me like you did – can instantly see me for asking and hear me too! But only one condition – he / she should not be the “worst sinner” … I will however pardon normal sins for all!

Ravi … the most adventurous monkey in the herd came forwards ans said … Sundar … help me see God!

Sundar: Come here my dear friend … here I cut off your tail the way I did for myself!

Ravi felt the excruciating pain of severing tail – but saw no God nor heard any voice.

Ravi: Where is God Sundar? I see none and hear none!

Sundar: Don’t be silly Ravi – look there! – God is straight looking at you and talking to you … showing a finger in one direction.

Ravi carefully considered the situation despite the pain – got convinced that he was the worst sinner not to be able to see God who is seen so clearly by his friend Sundar. But how can he admit it? What an insult and ignominy? Ravi suddenly recognized God in the direction shown by Sundar – saw him very clearly and started talking to him in absolute rapture! Sundar was happy he got the first victim he wanted … rest is easy! It took hardly any time before the entire forest was full of monkeys with severed tails – all seeing and talking to God! Sundar remained their perpetual Guru with highly enhanced respect & reverence than before!

Sundar is the most successful religious leader … exactly like current human religious leaders!


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