Human Relations – 2

Every one has 3-distinct personalities as follows …

1. What you think you are! This is in the “Emotional plane of existence”. You think you are a son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, friend, citizen of a country etc. This is the basic beingness –or- your own self identity. This is full of personal relationships. This has both positive and negative aspects to it. You can feel happy / unhappy with your having such good / bad relationships. You are so contented and / or even so proud of these good relationships – you feel you need to do nothing more in your life at all – leading to a “Thamasic” (lazy / inertia) way of living. You are either quite wanted or hardly wanted or not wanted by others – depending on your exhibiting positive or negative traits of emotional existence.

2. What others think you are! This is normally the “Material plane of existence”. Mostly people identify you by your physical body and looks (appearance such as … handsome – beautiful – normal – average – ugly), as also your ownerships and possessions of property such as – Estates & Land, Cars, Bungalows and Jewelry etc –OR- your position and power. Here your importance is attributed to your positions & possessions – not You! You are as great as your possessions are valued by others! This comes from havingness – ie- your own sense of ownership over material wealth and power and the influence you can project. This is the result of “Rajasic” (high energy low moral output) way of living. You are definitely wanted in most places – as “material” attracts commoners.

3. What actually You are! This is the “Action plane of existence”. This is the actual doingness. You are assessed and then perceived by others by seeing your demonstrative actions –ie- what you actually do, than what you materially possess or think of yourself. Your rational / irrational actions prove beyond any doubt what you actually are. Your actions will prove if you are a kind & compassionate person -OR- a psychotic & neurotic person. Your actions will prove whether you are creative & constructive –OR- purely destructive. When all your actions prove you to be a kind, compassionate, rational, constructive person – you are a “Satthvic” person. You are needed & wanted everywhere!

Human relations are multilateral permutations & combinations of the above stated factors 1-2-3. Most of the humans have all the 3-traits in varying proportions. Their relationships with others will vary accordingly.



About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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  1. Rajalakshmi Raghavan

    According to me the 1st level of existence the state of beingness
    is the spiritual element of an individual and reflects the athman.hence is a true representation of the “I”.The havingness is the material existence while the doingness is the reflection of emotional elements of a person.Havingness and doingness are plain exterior manifestations,and not an honest reflection of the spiritual Being

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