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Child is the guru of humans

The saying goes that – “Past is History – Future is Mystery – Present is Real” … So – get immersed in the “present” and Live it to the hilt and so be happy! More one thinks of it – more one is convinced about the poignancy and the validity of this statement.

Living the present means – “Living like a Child”.  For a child – Past is learning – Future is hope – Present is Play. Contrast this with a grown up adult – Past is Pain – Future is Fear – Present is Struggle”.

What makes it so diametrically opposite & vastly different for the same individual, in 2 different stages in life? The answer is “attitude”. Why does this attitude change for worse over the time?

The answer is simple. During childhood, the child lives its own – in born, inherent, latent and natural personality. When it imitates others, it is part of learning but not copying. The child does it with such level of innocence that its ego does not play any role in this process of learning – hence it remains a simple matter of fact! When the child does not know – it simply shakes its head to say so. What and when it knows – it simply does without showing off! Read the rest of this entry

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