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Women – Spirituality

Why are not many women found in the spiritual path? I have started reading a translation of “Bhagavata Puranam” by Sri Ramesh Menon. I came across a statement which said … Vyasa composed Mahabharatham for women, shudras and impure members of the higher castes – who should not read the Vedas.  Is that true?

The above were the questions put to me by a highly educated & intelligent lady – a leading HRD specialist in Coimbatore. The following was my answer.

My father was my principal Guru. He taught me to “question & doubt” everything and find my own satisfactory answers – but without being suspicious or cynical about the issues.

Teaching is not answering – but making one think to discover answers.

Now coming to your specific questions…. What is spirituality? When the “spirit of humanism” dominates & controls the “mischievous of mind” – it can be called spirituality. Till a man reaches the highest point of humanism – higher realms of spiritualism is not even a remote possibility. Humanity has to transcend its upper limits to enter divinity – which is spirituality! Read the rest of this entry

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