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Why are not many women found in the spiritual path? I have started reading a translation of “Bhagavata Puranam” by Sri Ramesh Menon. I came across a statement which said … Vyasa composed Mahabharatham for women, shudras and impure members of the higher castes – who should not read the Vedas.  Is that true?

The above were the questions put to me by a highly educated & intelligent lady – a leading HRD specialist in Coimbatore. The following was my answer.

My father was my principal Guru. He taught me to “question & doubt” everything and find my own satisfactory answers – but without being suspicious or cynical about the issues.

Teaching is not answering – but making one think to discover answers.

Now coming to your specific questions…. What is spirituality? When the “spirit of humanism” dominates & controls the “mischievous of mind” – it can be called spirituality. Till a man reaches the highest point of humanism – higher realms of spiritualism is not even a remote possibility. Humanity has to transcend its upper limits to enter divinity – which is spirituality!

Now look at … Man & Woman…. who is more “humane” on an average? Who bring-up children and nurse patients in hospitals? Thus, who is more spiritual? Obviously woman! (Leaving out exceptions). Knowledge can be used for “dominating & subjugating” –OR- “Lifting up” others. What have average “men” done in the history? Are they more spiritual? Obviously No!

In the fear of physical pain – mind surrenders its inherent capabilities.

Men used physical force historically to ensure the surrender of woman’s mind. Why did God create such an imbalance of physical strength? GOK – God Only Knows! But it has worked in Macrocosm for long! This phenomenon is found even in the animal kingdom – barring exceptions again!

Neither do I, nor do you have the original manuscript of “Vyasa” to know the truth of what exactly was written in Bhagavatham! It is somebody saying or interpreting – why Vyasa had written Mahabharata. Veda means Knowledge – derived from the root word “Vid” (Skill). Acquisition of knowledge by any one – without strong ethics and the corresponding “responsibility” for it’s proper use, is dangerous to others. Hence it is not the gender – but the deep & strong sense of ethics & responsibility that should form the basis for qualification to acquire knowledge – right?

Now, are women comparatively unethical & irresponsible?  The Goddess of knowledge is “Saraswathi”. The Goddess of energy is “Parvathi”. The Goddess of wealth is “Lakshmi”. Are they all unethical & irresponsible? Why were these portfolios assigned to them by their Master Gods? Do the great interpreter / translator of Vyasa have any answers to these simple questions?

Have you heard of “Psychobabble”? This is the most dangerous phenomenon prevalent – that is plaguing the human societies all over. Please guard against this deadly “Virus” that afflicts & destroys even the most enlightened & powerful minds!



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I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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