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Buddhi – Buddha – Budha

The following is a master piece of comparative research between Mythology & History by Sri Devdutt Pattanaik – establishing the connection between Buddhi (Intellect); Buddha (The Founding Lord of Buddhism); Budha (The Planet Mercury)

Buddha and Budh represent the two ends of the spectrum of possibilities offered by the human intellect, writes DEVDUTT PATTANAIK

There is often confusion between Buddha, the enlightened sage who saw desire as the cause of all suffering, and Budh, the god of the planet mercury, who is associated with communication, trade and mischief; Budh also means Wednesday. Both these names can be traced to buddhi or intellect, the human ability to distinguish between reality and delusion. Buddha uses intellect to become wise. Budh uses intellect to be smart, slippery, even cunning. The two cannot be more different from each other. Buddha is associated with silence, stillness and serenity; Budh is associated with communication, travel and exchange. And yet, both crave for the truth.

Buddhist scriptures inform us that the Buddha’s birth is preceded by auspicious omens. His mother dreams of a white elephant entering her womb; it is foretold that the child will either be a great king or a great sage. The Buddha’s mother, Maya, dies soon after birth. He is raised by his aunt Mahaprajapati. He is named Siddhartha. He marries, has a child, but then is confronted with the miseries of worldly life — old age, sickness, death — that he has been kept away from by his father, Suddhodhan. He wonders what is the cause of suffering. He goes in search of the truth. Truth makes him Buddha, the enlightened one. Read the rest of this entry

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