Economics & Spiritualism

Socialism, communism, capitalism or any other “ism” that you can think of is a product or a subject of economics. Everyone understands income & expenditure, purchase & consumption etc. and their interconnectivity for managing the individual’s life. It however gets complicated progressively when it comes to managing lives collectively – of families, groups, societies and even a nation at large.

We all know that the urge to survive drives all our thinking and actions – but it cannot be viewed in isolation for an individual alone – as the individual is also dependent on others and external factors for survival. Now, that individual cannot have capitalism for self and strongly advise socialism or communism for others – being the part of whatever the ism he prefers as a member of that society. Luxury for self and austerity for others will not stand or work for too long – without creating problems. The wealth that provides security will need security to sustain & maintain – making you a security guard for it finally!

This drives us to the conclusion that preference for any ism is situational and no ism is perfect in itself – as people behave differently in different situations and that too quite non-uniformly! Economics is defined as the judicious management of scarce material for optimal utility. Wealth means the ownership, authority & control over large quantum of material. Survival is enhanced by wealth and threatened by the absence of it. Pleasure is pro-survival & pain is contra survival. Wealth is the means to pleasure and poverty is the cause for pain. Can you see the growing conflicts & complications?

What is the solution? The unquestionable answer is – “Spiritualism”.

What is spiritualism? Veda answers this in Sanskrit language with a single postulate –ie- “Sarve Janah Sukhinobhavantu” – meaning – Let all people be happy.

Spiritualism is nothing but the “spirit” behind … Thought – Word – Deed … all aligned towards this single goal of fulfilling the postulate – Let all people be happy. Once this spirit prevails in all individuals who are integral to forming the societies and the nation at large – where is the problem with any ism? People collectively will rule economics – and wrong & false economics will not rule the people. The few wicked people will not be allowed to prevail on societies – but Ethics & Morals will prevail in & on societies. Ethics (Dharma) dictate greatest good for largest number of people. Morals are social rules and laws upholding & protecting the ethics in societies. This is how Spiritualism can correct and sustain “good economics” in nations and the world at large.


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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