The theist claims his humbleness before his god while bartering with priests to live forever.

The ass and the priest are both stubborn and neither knows that they are asses, but only one is born with the ability to lie to children.

Revisions are the religious man’s best friend and the acceptance of their fraud deliver him bound and tied before the throne of ignorance.

When beliefs become certainties for the believers, then its sincerity in them appears to relieve men of their responsibilities to measure their worth.

Scientific discoveries and their truths will never satisfy the mind that feeds on the mystery of awe to excite its desires to live forever.

The evolutionary process is the replication of all organic life and the man, that will not understand it is forced to substitute a face and name for it so he can pray to it.

One ignorant man is but a blemish on society, but several ignorant men united can become a weapon of mass destruction that endangers all of humanity.

Spiritual slavery relieves men of their intellectual integrity so that they are free to prey upon its disadvantages.

The learned priests of religion in their wisdom condemn every god but their own, leaving them only one god more than the atheist.

The man who substitutes religious faith as morality has crossed the Rubicon of reason and is irreparably lost to the discovery of its path.

If men did not know death, there would be no need to create a god to defy it.

Men of faith bow before their contemporaries seeking their acceptance not for self-realization but for the negation of it.

The dilemma for faith and its promise for eternal life is that one must be dead before it can begin.

The man who embraces evolution also knows its frailty and inequities to life that ironically adds value to his temporary existence.

A criminal uses his life as collateral for the consequences of his acts, but the priests of religions have bartered the lives of thousands in religious crimes as they prey upon the vulnerable with little regard to the justice of their acts.

How can one embrace the laws of evolution and still claim that a god could possibly exist?

Religion is only an imaginary elixir to calm the mind for those that can not embrace living and its unjust consequences.  Religion enslaves the minds and punishes those for thinking beyond its limitations.

Today, loving mothers and fathers are permitted to injure and cripple the minds of their children, enslaving them to religious servitude with its impoverished curiosity and its defiance of reason.

If one wishes to know the value of god, then look to the victims of his devastations who thank him for his love, kindness and wisdom.

If the nobility of an idea were required for its acceptance, then religions would not have escaped the walls of the caves from which they began.

The thinking man will resist the grandeur of monuments and the temple of desires in exchange for knowing that science and knowledge are but one that reigns supreme above the masquerade of ancient beliefs.

Authority, and its constant reinforcement, creates men of predictable behavior and values, an irony that has not escaped the various religions for millennia’s.

The despiser of men is not nature but faiths that caress and mock the weaknesses of men equally for the benefits of its advantage.

The man intoxicated with awe does not recognize the stumble in his walk, and refuses the offer of a steady hand from the man of reason.  For one man the magic of his elixir numbs his pain in life while the other must endure it.

Evolution, the creator of all temporary life will always remain the enemy of those seeking permanence.  For each that seeks eternal life is cursed with an awareness of himself that yearns to make it so.  The dilemma for each man is either to understand his fate or to imagine his fate.

The scientific evidence of prehistoric life along with our distant hominid past is proven and factual.  One must deny these facts to reconcile religious beliefs and their intent.  Faith is the fraudulent hope of mankind measured against scientific facts.  Science does not have an agenda beyond what can be proven.

Every misogynist religion that exists today proves their ancient prejudices and preliterate values, left with only gratuitous words.  Atheism and science are responsible for the other.

An authentic atheist embraces life with the knowledge that his ending is not as traumatic if his life is lived in fulfillment with the meaning that his awareness has provided.

The path chosen by the atheist or naturalist is always littered with peril, which is what creates character and integrity to stay the course.

A meaningless existence is what all religious minds propose in its absence.  Real meaning to life must be experienced through endeavors, and commitments to truth in learning.

The burdensome man shares one common trait with his fellow believers and that trait is his impoverished curiosity about the fantastic.  This disingenuous quality and common acceptance without examination is not worthy of teaching to any one much less – the children.

It is hard to reason with people when they believe they will live forever.

Some atheists appear to be an atheist intellectually, but frankly they are still attached emotionally to the theist beliefs of friends and families, the people they were taught to respect with their warm and gentle dialogue of tranquility, which remains a contradiction.

It is the manifestation of all religions that imperil civilization with strife and conflict, not atheism.

The true atheist reflects the philosophy of living his life consciously and to its full potential while exploring the dissonance in cogent thought that afflicts the masses.

Throughout history apologists have always ended up in the heap of good intentions as victims for their lack of conviction and confrontation to the enemies of truth.

It is the institutional beliefs of religion, fascism and communism that have oppressed people, not Atheism.  The purification and eradication from religious persecutions, in fact, religion has cornered this market.  Without the atheistic philosophers like Nietzsche, Camus, Russell and Satre to confront the contradictions of faith we would be left with only parallel thinking to ponder.

Who among us hasn’t heard a theist state that they could not go on living without their faith.

Atheism celebrates and embraces the discoveries in science and humanities achievements and progress.

It requires integrity for the few among the masses to actually confront the uncomfortable truth that cannot be accepted by the vast majority.

It is not the responsibility of non believers to sanitize the state of mind of the incorrigible in our comparisons that go unheard. Can the man of reason be held accountable for the state of mind that afflicts the average man, is the physician held responsible for a terminal illness for which no cure can be found?

To live an atheistic life should not be considered depressing and thought as believing in nothing. In fact an atheistic view represents an authentic life that removes what is false, and allows one to live in the moment.

The message of The Pain of Reason is to entice people to examine the character of the true atheist, measured against the character of the theist or the lack of it. Therefore, it requires integrity for the few among the masses to actually confront the uncomfortable truths that cannot be accepted by the vast majority.

The science of geology, biology, and paleontology lead us into paleoanthropology.  In each, their scientific time frames contradict every religious book ever written.  Today, our cosmological knowledge confirms our discoveries in the above sciences and the common chemical elements that are shared throughout the vast universe for billions of years, including earth.

Simply giving circular and ancient beliefs the same legitimacy as scientific proof is ludicrous.

The dissemination of facts and their logical conclusions has given the human species an advantage in its evolutionary development.  If one embraces evolution and a god concept concurrently then one is holding two opposing views simultaneously and that is called a cognitive dissonance.

Modern science has elevated us beyond the cave dweller mind-set.

Archaeological evidence is, of course, relevant in our understanding of human history.  As sentient beings we are responsible for the accurate interpretation so we can continue to advance our knowledge and integrate it into our modern civilizations.  We definitely can conclude that millions of people were indeed mistaken in their irrational and unfounded beliefs, which shamefully exist even today.

Awe is the fear and wonderment that created several thousand gods that have come and gone.  Thus began ancient man’s yearning for permanent existence through his invented gods.

Science and the natural universe with their discoveries is the basis for authentic atheism while philosophy (existential) and psychology (cognitive) are the tools one can use to interpret and reconcile these findings.  These discoveries must coalesce into our conscious acceptance with their daily utilization.

Agreement on humanity in general should demonstrate how each society is not that different in their collective histories that always include the need for faith and the conflicts that accompany them.  Within each culture of each society we can see man’s innate need to grapple with his mortality through the offerings’ of various religions.

The only distinction among men is the expectation and disappointment that eventually drive them into the arms of religious faiths with their false promises of rewards that consequently reinforce the desires of their beliefs.

Agnosticism for many is nothing more than style over substance.  To state that scientific evidence and our patterns of humanity throughout its history is on an equal status as the unknowable, which is agnosticism, is only an assumption not based on factual knowledge.

Empirically we accept the discoveries of modern science and the knowledge that flows from its benefits for every society.  Since atheism and science are interchangeable and responsible for the other, then science and the understanding of its knowledge are dogmatic.

Agnostic positions in a way lend the same credibility to primordial mythologies that it does for proven facts by not challenging the false.

Atheism must be earned through learning and the examination of its consequences.  With these consequences come the wrath of the masses and one must have the character of mind to confront what is false and not give it equal status.

Atheism is not a belief but knowledge based on what is factual.  Agnosticism critiques faith as unknowable, then science and atheism is knowable and should logically and ethically be embraced.

Agnosticism allows what is false to go unchecked and challenged in the minds of the faithful.

Toleration for the false is what has driven religious nations to endless wars and persecutions.

If it is not whole, then it is not pure.  Atheism has no agenda beyond the truth and acknowledgement to science and the natural world that creates us in the unsatisfactory process of evolution.



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