God – Sun – Humans ‼

To understand God – Try and understand Sun

Often we are confused about … What, Where, Why, When, Who & How … is … God?

Understanding is achieved through 2 routes –viz- Prathyaksham & Paroksham -ie- What you perceive and experience directly through the 5 senses -OR- indirectly through books & others. We always have a greater certainty in our understanding, when it is direct than indirect.

God is unquestionably the most enigmatic entity in our lives. We need this entity very badly in our lives while in trouble, which is almost always. We want to experience GOD but cannot because – all religions have confused us to no end, leaving it impossible to have “clarity with stability”. When you understand the “atom” you understand the “matter”.  When you understand the “cell” you understand the “body”. The best route is from “microcosm” to “macrocosm”.

The path of understanding traverses from the known to the unknown, but never otherwise. Hence understanding God (unknown) has to be through the Sun (known).

Sun is the only perennial source of Energy (Light & Heat) – the most essential fundamentals for us to survive & thrive on earth. Is it free for life – Yes! Is it given to all – Yes! Is it only available for the asking – No! Given even without asking – Yes! Any quantity restrictions – No! Is it on credit for delayed payment – No! Do we have to pray and thank for this – No! Is it available even after abuse – Yes! Any reservations for any particular sections – No! Any tax – No! Absolutely all inclusive and free – Yes! Can we receive and hoard – left to you if you can! Sun light & heat kills too – Yes! Is it a punishment for wrong doing – No! Does Sun love & hate some – No! Is he very kind – No! Is he strict – No! Any extra favors if we pray – No! Does Sun know our particular needs – he does not care, after giving all he has and can! Why does he give all this free for life – It is his nature! What does he expect from us – Nothing!

Is Sun the microcosm – Yes! Then what is macrocosm – God!

What do they both do finally – Witness how they are used!


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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