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Drugs and Medicines

Because most of us have Internet access, TV and radio, you no doubt have seen the many many advertisements for drugs. But these drugs, much to everyone’s detriment, also come with many many undesirable and even sometimes fatal side effects.

I am Karl Loren (Founder of Vibrant Life, CA-USA &  Below is one of my favorite articles authored by my earlier partner in India, Mr. MSR Ayyangar (Chairman & Managing Director of Emmessar Technologies Ltd, MUMBAI – INDIA) that explains in a very simple a way – the difference between drugs and medicines. I have passed this around to many as I learned so much from it. It is extremely enlightening to one and all … please carefully read below …..

Quote: Article of MSR Ayyangar, MUMBAI, INDIA.

You may have been consuming drugs for health – but getting sickly more and more?  Did you ever think why? Drugs don’t cure! Do you know that?  They only relieve or control..! Medicines alone help cure!  Actually Body & Mind can completely cure themselves with the right kind of help.  Do you know the actual difference between a drug and a medicine? Contrary to the normal belief that they are synonyms (same) – they are actually antonyms (opposite).  Drugs take away control of your body & mind from You! Medicines reverse this and restore the control back to You!

Let me elaborately clarify here how it is so … Read the rest of this entry


Science and Spirituality – Ananda & Multicellular Organisms

science and spiritualityDEEPAK M RANADE likens the Shiva-Shakti conjugal union of ananda or bliss to that of quantum coherence or zero entropy.

All Creation Is Energy

All creation is energy, manifesting in different forms. As postulated by Albert Einstein in his famous E=mc2 equation, and later verified under rather tragic circumstances, mass and energy are inter-convertible. Energy and matter, however, display a conjugal relationship. Energy excites matter, and increases its disorder or entropy.

Measuring Chaos

Entropy is the measure of the disorder, randomness or chaos in a given system. As we heat water, the molecules get agitated and after a point, the water begins to boil. Heat or thermal energy increases the entropy of water, and further heating causes the water to change its state and evaporate. The tendency to disseminate and equilibrate matter and energy across the entire universe is the basis of entropy.

From Order To Disorder And Back

The entropy of the universe is ever increasing with time. That’s a universally

accepted and proven law. Time is a programme that travels uni-directionally, from order to disorder. Logic, however, demands that the reverse journey, namely from disorder to order, must also exist. When we tidy up our room that was in disarray, we are taking this very path. Information systems are another example of decreasing entropy. The greater the information about a system, there is likely to be less chaos and disorder. DNA represents a highly complex code of information. It precisely determines the structure and function of the organism in a very orderly and structured manner. Read the rest of this entry

Spiritual Homeopathy

Spiritual HomeopathyJug Suraiya

When Bunny was recently suffering from a bout of sciatica, several friends suggested that she might try homeopathy. “Even if it doesn’t work, you’ve got nothing to lose; even if it doesn’t help you, it can’t harm you,” they said.  So Bunny decided to give homeopathy a shot.

Other friends of ours were horrified at this.  “You claim to be a rationalist.  How can you believe in mumbo-jumbo like homeopathy, for which there is no scientific basis whatever?  The few cases in which it’s supposed to have worked are obviously instances of the placebo effect: you believe strongly enough that something is going to cure you, you cure yourself.  How can you believe in homeopathy, how can you have faith in it?”

And the answer to that is that you don’t have to have faith in something – be it homeopathy or anything else – in order to try it out, to practice it, while keeping your fingers crossed that it will work.  In fact, faith itself – faith in a religion or in a non-denominational Divine Principle which is synonymous with the cosmos – is like homeopathy in that sense: you don’t have to have faith in faith in order to try it out, to practice it, keeping your fingers crossed that it works. Read the rest of this entry

Meher Baba

meher babaThose who try to understand God through the intellect alone, arrive at some cold and dry concept which misses the very essence of divine nature. It is true that God is infinite knowledge, existence, power and bliss, but true understanding comes from knowing His essence as infinite love.

In the ‘beyond state’ from which the entire universe springs and into which it ultimately merges, God is eternally infinite love. It is only when God’s love is viewed in the limited context of forms — which arise in the interim period of the appearance of the illusory universe of duality — that its infinity seems to have been impaired.

When God’s love experiences itself in and through the manifested forms of the universe, it goes through the following phases: (i) experiencing itself as extremely limited, (ii) experiencing itself as becoming less and less limited and becoming more and more like infinite love, and (iii) experiencing itself to be what it really is: infinite in essence and existence.

The experience of limitation in love arises due to ignorance caused by the sanskaras which are by-products of the evolution of consciousness; and the process of love becoming infinite is characterised by the shedding of these limiting sanskaras. After going through the almost unconscious stages of the mineral kingdom, love becomes conscious of itself as lust in animals. Its first appearance in human consciousness is also in the form of lust. desired for the sake of and from the viewpoint of the limited and separate self. At the same time, it is a form of love, because it has in it some kind of appreciation for others, though this appreciation is completely vitiated by thick ignorance about the true Self.  Read the rest of this entry

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