Science and Spirituality – Ananda & Multicellular Organisms

science and spiritualityDEEPAK M RANADE likens the Shiva-Shakti conjugal union of ananda or bliss to that of quantum coherence or zero entropy.

All Creation Is Energy

All creation is energy, manifesting in different forms. As postulated by Albert Einstein in his famous E=mc2 equation, and later verified under rather tragic circumstances, mass and energy are inter-convertible. Energy and matter, however, display a conjugal relationship. Energy excites matter, and increases its disorder or entropy.

Measuring Chaos

Entropy is the measure of the disorder, randomness or chaos in a given system. As we heat water, the molecules get agitated and after a point, the water begins to boil. Heat or thermal energy increases the entropy of water, and further heating causes the water to change its state and evaporate. The tendency to disseminate and equilibrate matter and energy across the entire universe is the basis of entropy.

From Order To Disorder And Back

The entropy of the universe is ever increasing with time. That’s a universally

accepted and proven law. Time is a programme that travels uni-directionally, from order to disorder. Logic, however, demands that the reverse journey, namely from disorder to order, must also exist. When we tidy up our room that was in disarray, we are taking this very path. Information systems are another example of decreasing entropy. The greater the information about a system, there is likely to be less chaos and disorder. DNA represents a highly complex code of information. It precisely determines the structure and function of the organism in a very orderly and structured manner.

Lowering And Raising Forces

Nobel laureate Szent-Gyorgyi, who won the award for his work on negative entropy, postulates that there exists what he calls the ‘principle’ of syntropy or ‘negative entropy’. Since entropy is a universal ‘force’ which causes organised systems to gradually disintegrate into lower and lower states of organisation, there has to be an opposite force, a force which causes living things to reach ‘higher and higher levels of organisation, order and dynamic harmony’.

A Cell: The Great Wonder

Inanimate nature stops at the low level organisation of simple molecules. But living systems go on and combine molecules to form macromolecules, and macromolecules to form organelles – such as nuclei, mitochondria, chloroplasts, ribosomes, and membranes – and eventually put these all together to form the greatest wonder of creation, a cell, with its astounding inner regulations.

Dynamic Harmony

The multicellular organism is a miracle of sorts. It is all organs working independently, yet cohesively and synergistically. The billions of cells in a multicellular organism, each a unit by itself, working congruently and synchronously in a dynamic harmony.

A Conflict

This complex, structured organisation of cells has become more and more complex since evolution. This is in conflict with the law that says the entropy of the universe is always increasing.

Who Is The Conductor Of This Perfect Symphony?

Who is the conductor of this symphony of billions, of multicellular life forms? It is a force that is conscious, intelligent, pulsating and simultaneously blissful. The scriptures describe it as satchitananda. This life force orchestrates the plurality of cells with a ‘syntropic’ baton.

The Shiva State

The highest state of this dynamic harmony, a state of zero entropy or total syntropy, is what may be called the ‘Shiva state’.

When Shakti Blends With Shiva

‘Shakti’ is this entropy, that combines with ‘Shiva’ in varying proportions, to manifest as creation. Matter is condensation of energy and energy is sublimation of matter. Matter and energy are inter-convertible, but it’s only when they are sanctified by syntropy or ‘Shiva’, that they manifest as life forms, to eventually evolve as the epitome of creation, as Self-realised beings.

State Of Consciousness

Consciousness may, therefore, not be an emergent phenomenon, as believed by most neuroscientists, but could be quantum coherence, a state of zero entropy, a ‘Shiva state’.

The Cosmic Waltz

Manifest creation is synergy of syntropy and entropy, a cosmic waltz of Shiva and Shakti – conjugal bliss of the apparent and the immanent. And, Brahmn is the stage on which the dance is performed.

(The author is a consultant neurosurgeon.)



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