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Mind-Body-Money … The Maya!

It is interesting to see the connections among the trio … Mind-Body-Money.

We all know through the spiritual science that the Body is nothing but the physical manifestation of the Mind which is non-material (Mass less). Medical science also confirms the psycho-somatic interrelationships. Hence whatever happens in the body – its influence reflects in the Mind in functionality – and vice versa. If body is in pain, Mind cannot do even simple functions like looking & reading some text on a paper. A great singer may not be able to render a bit of pleasant tune vocally – while suffering from dysentery or diarrhea. A trained body builder & weight lifter may find … 5Kg too heavy to carry if he suddenly receives the news of accident of his near ones. People faint just by looking at blood. Healthy body – healthy mind. Sick mind – sick body.

You can safely compare the human Mind as the software & Body the hardware in the modern lingo of computer age.

In the case of a computer, both hardware & software are created and developed by humans and integrated into one system for functionality. But in the case of humans, Mind is self born and self developing or transforming – while totally controlling the body throughout the life span. Read the rest of this entry

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