Mind-Body-Money … The Maya!

It is interesting to see the connections among the trio … Mind-Body-Money.

We all know through the spiritual science that the Body is nothing but the physical manifestation of the Mind which is non-material (Mass less). Medical science also confirms the psycho-somatic interrelationships. Hence whatever happens in the body – its influence reflects in the Mind in functionality – and vice versa. If body is in pain, Mind cannot do even simple functions like looking & reading some text on a paper. A great singer may not be able to render a bit of pleasant tune vocally – while suffering from dysentery or diarrhea. A trained body builder & weight lifter may find … 5Kg too heavy to carry if he suddenly receives the news of accident of his near ones. People faint just by looking at blood. Healthy body – healthy mind. Sick mind – sick body.

You can safely compare the human Mind as the software & Body the hardware in the modern lingo of computer age.

In the case of a computer, both hardware & software are created and developed by humans and integrated into one system for functionality. But in the case of humans, Mind is self born and self developing or transforming – while totally controlling the body throughout the life span.

What connection has the Money with Mind ???

Well … is not money the very product of Mind? Let us get into some fundamentals. The subject “Economics” defines “money” as – medium of exchange, measure of value, store of value, standard of deferred payments etc. Can you see the involvement of Mind in all these definitions? Mind looks at mud – then the wood that comes from mud – then paper that comes from wood – print some graphics and text on it colorfully … to call it “money”.  When the mind finds the paper to be very perishable, it switches over to plastic money called Credit Cards … and then progressively the most diabolical “derivatives”.

It is a wonder that Mind makes two entities –viz- the human body and the money from the same raw material called “mud” – but calls the one as “Man” and the other as “Money” and then imposes a condition that the man has to work hard and earn money to live happily!

As you can see – when it is flowing it is called money and when it is static & stagnates it is called “wealth”. The mischievous Mind! If you really want to understand how Mind plays with words Money & Wealth – by involving many bodies – just visit a Stock Exchange for few days continuously and see what happens – how money flows – enriching some and destroying some in turns!

Life is flow of time like the money. Thus money is what money does. It can make happiness, sorrow, luxury, poverty, corruption, crime, murders, wars, construction & destruction … the list is endless. All these are components of Life! And mind is the boss of Life! Mind considers the body as life and money as the sustainer and links them and ties them up inextricably – to enjoy its own game!

The serial flow of the game is either body wins or money wins alternately till both of them die at some time … for the mind to go in search of another body to enter and start its game all over again!

Do you agree with me on the connections of Mind-Body-Money?

This is what is called in Sanskrit … Maya!

Maya = Illusion + Delusion + Hallucination!


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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