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Gayatri: The Profound Prayer ….

The Sun is the visible face of the Para Brahmn, the Supreme, writes R K MADHUKAR

The spiritual light which is hidden within the Sun is the most brilliant light, Jyotir Uttamam. It is shining through the hearts of all living beings in the form of consciousness. The spiritual light which is shining within the physical Sun also shines within the heart of every human being …..  Yajnavalkya Samhita

The Gayatri is essentially a mantra which invokes the Savitr. According to the vedas and other ancient scriptures, Surya, Savitr and Savitri are the names used to address the Sun. Numerous vedic hymns praise and offer worship to the Sun as Surya and Savitr. The Sun is not merely a natural phenomenon but, more significantly, is Shakti or divine power.

In Hinduism, the Sun is regarded as the visible representative of the Para Brahmn — Supreme Power. The related vedic statement expressing this is Asavadityo Brahma. That means Aditya is Brahma. The ancient scriptures assert that the Brahmanda or the entire universe has emerged from Para Brahma, the Supreme Being. Since this universe came into existence at the instance of the Supreme Being, he is also known as Aditya. This Aditya is the Para Brahma or Isvara, master of this creation. And, Surya is the symbol of this Supreme Being.  Read the rest of this entry

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