Yoga – Q&A

Q. What is Yoga?

A. The process that helps unification, OR, that which facilitates union.


Q. Union of what?

A. 3-principal entities…Body, Mind & Soul (Spirit) of any individual person.


Q. Are not they already united in a person?

A. No! They reside in the same home called “person” but stay disunited mostly.


Q. Can you explain, or elaborate?

A. Is your mind always at where your body is?


Q. Not so?

A. No! If so why and how can accidents occur or confusions happen?


Q. Is not the brain always in the body…united with it?

A. Yes! Brain is an integral part of the body…the hardware!


Q. Brain & Mind are different from one another?

A. Yes! Absolutely! Brain is part of the hardware and Mind is the software!


Q. Then they are together, right?

A. No! Software on the CD cannot operate a computer unless installed.


Q. This installation of the software is what you mean union?

A. Yes.


Q. What about the Soul?

A. Consider it the equivalent of Electricity, which enlivens and provides the energy to the Body (hardware) to become functionally alive and also facilitates the Mind (software) to operate the Body.


Q. Just as Electricity, Computer, and the Software are united to make a functional computer, are not the Soul, Body and Mind united? Where is the need for further unification?

A. Can a computer function normally with widely fluctuating voltage, the bug in the software and defective hardware components? You need a stable voltage, software free from all kinds of bugs plus all components of the hardware free from functional defects.


Q. Agreed…but what is the equivalent and parallel phenomenon with humans?

A. Electricity, though singular in its own nature, can cause a motor to rotate, filament to heat, a fridge to cool, a bulb to glow etc. The different functions are happening due to the basic nature of the equipment designed. It cannot make a bulb rotate or a fan to glow! Similarly, the Soul enables the body to function in accordance with its own design.


Q. Who designs the body? God?

A. Let us keep the God out of this discussion for now. Let us say a “part” of the Mind designs the body.


Q. Which part?

A. It is called “Somatic Mind”…the structural codes in the DNA that govern their functions to fabricate the body in its entirety by using food as raw materials.


Q. What are the other parts of the Mind?

A. The Conscious & Subconscious Minds.


Q. So the Mind has 3-parts in total?

A. Yes


Q. What are their characters individually?

A. Somatic Mind = Architect + Structural Engineer + All Construction Staff & Workers;
Sub-conscious Mind = Cumulative Databank of all your Past-life experiences.
Conscious Mind = What you have learned and retained in the present life.


Q. Have we moved far away from our original and primary subject…Yoga?

A. No! We have examined all the 3-principal entities involved in Yoga for unification.


Q. Why should the 3 be unified at all.

A. Life is the function, the body is the structure, and mind is the control system. If they are not harmonious and aligned unidirectionally…can the Life function objectively and efficiently?


Q. Now tell me what exactly Yoga is and how this alignment of Body, Mind and Soul are achieved.

A. Well… try and digest what has been said so far…we will keep the rest for some other day!



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I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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