Aatma-The Forms

Cyclic Order of “Devolution-Evolution” of Atma

The infinite cyclic order of “Generation-Operation-Destruction” (which we call GOD) – is the eternal phenomenon within the infinite cosmic universe. The word “Atma (Atman)” appears common in different forms and contexts. It is very similar to the word “Allotropy” in science where structurally the same “element” has different physical forms. In decades of my reading and listening to the learned scholars, I have come across these expressions – ranging from microcosm to macrocosm as also the manifest to unmanifest. I will not be surprised if there are more such, which I have not come across, but some of them I know are listed below.

  1. Anwaatma (Atoms)
  2. Mrunwaatma (Earth, Soil, Mud, Matter)
  3. Kanwaatma (Living Cells)
  4. Sasyaatma (Plants)
  5. Pushpaatma/Phalatma (Flowers/Fruits)
  6. Dravyaatma (Seeds)
  7. Dehaatma (Human Body)
  8. Manwaatma (Mind)
  9. Budhyaatma (Intellect)
  10. Jeewaatma (Individual Soul – Punyatma; Paapaatma; Devaatma; Daanavaatma etc)
  11. Pratyagaatma (Collective Souls – Micro Organism, Plants, Animals & Humans)
  12. Bhootaatma (5 Elements Together-Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky)
  13. Pretaatma (Wandering souls of the dead)
  14. Kiranaatma (Radiation/Light)
  15. Shakthyaatma (Pure Potential Energy)
  16. Gaganaatma (Jadhakaasham; Infinite inert Space)
  17. Paramaatma (Chidaakasham; Infinite consciousness; Supreme Universal Soul)

These above expressions confirm the definition of “Paramatma” as – Sarva Kaarana Kaaraka (Original cause of all causes or Omnipotent); Sarva Antaryaami (All pervading); The derivative corollary is that everything is the manifestation of that Paramaatma only.

The dichotomy is, there is also an expression like “Aatma-Anaatma Vivekam” – the ability to differentiate the Aatman from the Anatman –ie- the differentiation of material body from the imperishable soul. I have not been able to find an answer yet that reconciles the two separately valid viewpoints of the highly learned & realized…!!!


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