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I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer (class of 1965-1970) from NITW-INDIA.
My employment with GE-USA (1973-75) in the Electro-Medical field in India pushed me into studying diverse aspects of health care. Subsequently, my interest in “Life Sciences” sucked me deep into exploring and understanding the connection between Life & Matter.
In the last 40 years of my counseling  through “Holistic Health (AYUSH)” – I might have advised satisfactorily about 350,000 times (including repeat patients – about 25 a day on an average) through all means of communications -viz- Personal interactions, Referrals, Emails, WhatsApp, Messengers, Telephones etc….thus covering the whole Globe!

This may look quite large – but I know it to be very small compared to many other known & unknown healers in India.  The conditions for which I counsel vary from common cold to fevers to organ diseases to cancer to human relations – covering a large spectrum of diseases & sicknesses. Among the people I counsel are mostly & largely the very poor + poorest of India. But then, some come from middle class + very rich by Indian standards. Some acknowledge with gratitude after attaining normalcy and health – but many don’t (particularly the rich). As this is a free service, poor are happy with gratitude – but the rich are embarrassed to come back – but still some do. People address me as “Doctor” while my true ID is “Engineer”.

We manufacture & supply some very good healthcare products – about which you can read here –

Creating Awareness & Helping Understanding of Life – As it exists Today…!!!
1. Health is not the absence of disease – but an optimal functional ability … mental & physical.
2. Mind & Body can be compared to Software & Hardware in a Computer…in their structures & functions.
3. When there is a bug in the software – wrestling with hardware alone does not help restore normalcy of functioning.
4. Drugs never cure – but only control symptoms by controlling the mind & body.
5. Medicines help the mind & body to take back control to cure themselves.
6. No disease has the ability to kill the body – but they can kill the desire to live.
7. Absolutely healthy people with no disease also die!
8. Birth is the only cause of Death…!!!
9. Entities (Souls) are never born – so never die…!!!
10. When Mind & Body act in unison – health & harmony are inevitable.
11. Stress = Difference between the Ability & Demand on the Mind & Body.
12. Increasing the ability & reducing the demand is the quick way out of the stress.
13. Never believe in the dangers posed by “numbers” in medical reports.
14. Those numbers are meant to scare you to succumb to drugging.
15. Drugs are meant to create markets for more drugs.
16. Understanding your health issues by yourself is the fastest way to recovery.
17. Others do not understand but only try to exploit your fears, diseases & sicknesses.
18. Everyone is totally responsible for their own state at all times.
19. Huge nexus exists among politics, hospitals, diagnostic testing centers, doctors, drug companies and the supply chain.
20. One should realize that fear, sickness and diseases are encashable – health & happiness are not.
21. So you know what is commercially attractive!
22. But still there are doctors & hospitals – who truly serve with highly evolved conscience!
23. Nothing to beat Allopathic system in the technology of surgery today.
24. Nothing to beat AYUSH system of treatment in for recovery free from adverse side-effects.
25. YOGA is an effective route to both prevention & cure!

About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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  1. M S Raghavan Ayyangar

    In continuation of the Point No:8…Diseases are born and shall so Die! The question is who precedes whom? The disease or the patient…!!!

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