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Chemical Mother? What? What are you saying?

Mother Earth is “Mother Supreme” – mother of all mothers – as also the single and only source of all chemicals on this planet – is it not? Wow! I did not think like that before! Well the framework of biology depends on biochemistry – without which there is no biology! Body is nothing but a conglomerate of numerous chemicals and their individual & collective reactions – both independent & interdependent.

If physics is primarily the study of micro & macro structures – chemistry is the study of their functions. Biochemistry is the study of the inter-relationship –viz- between the function & structure – with “Life”.

What is life? Simply that “structure” which can “function” on its-own, for motion & development. That is, it has the capability to move on its own volition and also develop itself to function better.  Aaahhh!

Well, if you consider seriously – biological mother is what? She first constructs the full structure (body) inside herself – and also helps further development since giving birth to you for functioning better. So, is she the giver of life? Not exactly – giver of your body (structure) but life flows through her to you!

Then what is this chemical mother? The Earth! She provides all the materials for the “structure” in the form of food (complex organic & inorganic chemicals) – to you and your own biological mother – hence the mother of all mothers – but just a “chemical mother” … Mother Supreme … The Earth!

Quite a revelation … never thought like this! Yes! None of us do – till something triggers the thought! Read the rest of this entry


God – Sun – Humans ‼

To understand God – Try and understand Sun

Often we are confused about … What, Where, Why, When, Who & How … is … God?

Understanding is achieved through 2 routes –viz- Prathyaksham & Paroksham -ie- What you perceive and experience directly through the 5 senses -OR- indirectly through books & others. We always have a greater certainty in our understanding, when it is direct than indirect.

God is unquestionably the most enigmatic entity in our lives. We need this entity very badly in our lives while in trouble, which is almost always. We want to experience GOD but cannot because – all religions have confused us to no end, leaving it impossible to have “clarity with stability”. When you understand the “atom” you understand the “matter”.  When you understand the “cell” you understand the “body”. The best route is from “microcosm” to “macrocosm”.

The path of understanding traverses from the known to the unknown, but never otherwise. Hence understanding God (unknown) has to be through the Sun (known). Read the rest of this entry

Why Am I A Hindu ?

Hinduism – A Dialogue Between Travelers: Four years ago, I was flying from JFK NY Airport to SFO to attend a meeting at Monterrey, CA. An American girl was sitting on the right side, near window seat. It indeed was a long journey – it would take nearly seven hours.I was surprised to see the young girl reading a Bible unusual of young Americans. After some time she smiled and we had few acquaintances talk.I told her that I am from India

Then suddenly the girl asked: ‘What’s your faith?’ ‘What?’ I didn’t understand the question.

‘I mean, what’s your religion? Are you a Christian? Or a Muslim?’

‘No!’ I replied, ‘I am neither Christian nor Muslim’.

Apparently she appeared shocked to listen to that. ‘Then who are you?’

I am a Hindu’, I said.

She looked at me as if she was seeing a caged animal. She could not understand what I was talking about.

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History & Evolution of Vegetarianism

WHY HINDUS DON’T EAT MEAT  Besides being an expression of compassion for animals, vegetarianism is followed for ecological and health rationales

REASONS: In the past fifty years, millions of meat-eaters — Hindus and non-Hindus — have made the personal decision to stop eating the flesh of other creatures. There are five major motivations for such a decision:

1. The Dharmic Law Reason : Ahinsa, the law of non-injury, is the Hindu’s first duty in fulfilling religious obligations to God and God’s creation as defined by Vedic scripture.

2. The Karmic Consequences Reason: All of our actions, including our choice of food, have Karmic consequences. By involving oneself in the cycle of inflicting injury, pain and death, even indirectly by eating other creatures, one must in the future experience in equal measure the suffering caused.

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Sanskrit As A Language Of Science

By : Justice Markandey Katju, Judge, Supreme Court of India
Speech delivered on 13.10.2009 in the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

It is a great honour for me to be invited to speak in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which is renowned as one of the foremost scientific institutes in India, and which indeed is recognized as a great centre of science throughout the world. Your institute has produced great scientists of international repute.

The topic which I have chosen to speak on today is `Sanskrit as a language of Science’. I have chosen this topic for two reasons:

  1. You are yourselves scientists, and hence would naturally like to know about your scientific heritage and the great scientific achievements of your ancestors. Read the rest of this entry
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