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Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd (EBNL) is a global healthcare company that manufactures and markets healthcare & nutritional products. Taking a holistic approach to managing healthcare concerns, EBNL fuses various concepts & principles (both ancient & modern) from Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and the Indian system of medicine – AYUSH (Ayurveda + Yoga + Unani + Siddha + Homoeopathy) to create a unique set of effective and curative products. The integration of all the aforementioned systems of medical sciences resulted in the birth of a new science & technology called VedaCeuticals which forms the foundation of all products of EBNL.

EBNL’s range of products addresses various unmet medical needs of healthcare. We cater to patients with obstinate skin problems, muscle problems, bone problems and other debilitating chronic physical ailments. Presently, we have over 38 products across 7 categories that can treat over 200 different problems.

EBNL is a public limited company, with a paid-up Share Capital of about INR 50 million. The company’s stocks are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE).

Our Vision is to to propel an evolution towards a healthcare revolution by providing simple solutions to complex health problems.

Our Mission is to leverage the principles of VedaCeuticals through continuous innovation and create holistic healthcare solutions for –

  • All the Sick & Suffering – all genders and age groups
  • All the chronic patients who are clueless about the cause of their disease & sickness
  • All those who are frustrated with modern but long & ineffective treatments in hospitals & dispensaries
  • All those trusting consumers who are suffering from the adverse effects of toxic drugs

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