God – Worship – Love – Life

These 4 words represented “enigmatic concepts” all along the evolution of modern Humans. These 4 words are often used in general conversations, hardly clearly understood, but eloquently lectured on by the so called elite and the ignorant alike, in equal measure – which hardly makes any sense to a rationalist – when scientifically inspected or examined. The best way to attempt clear understanding of a concept is to dig into its fundamental definition and how it is sourced or engendered. Mathematical approach is the simplest – as it is the language of Science. Look at the following summation of components …

GOD = Generator + Operator + Destroyer

OR alternately with equivalents such as …

GOD = Creator + Sustainer + Transformer

The above describes summarily … with great all-encompassing accuracy!  Read the rest of this entry

Understanding – The highest state of existence!

What is an “Understanding”? Standing under something? Does standing out under a tree amount to being “Outstanding”? How do we understand to understand –OR- Learn how to learn?

Normally when querying minds try to decipher the real meanings of words, often confusion is the result. Let us take a look at the genesis of language itself. As humans evolved in different geographical pockets, they found the need to communicate with one another – and hence started with “sign language” to make the others get the message.

They then added a sound (arbitrary) to the gesture to create an association among the sounds, objects and the messages. They kept refining the sounds, adding more and more with more and more objects and then the subjects … a process of evolution.

Names were given to all forms of living & nonliving – for common identification by all with regard to each object. Naming became the order for humans too … along with animals, plants birds etc. Evolution accelerates evolution, which we all know by experience of our own lives. Then, to the sounds, symbols were attached or associated … creating various scripts for each language, confined to each pocket, group, territory etc. As groups and territories merged to become larger and larger, corresponding expansion happened in words & scripts.

If people could not exchange their feelings & thoughts – world would never have progressed to this stage. Language (sounds & scripts) played the most important role in this process. We are still struggling with translations – to be able to understand others who do not speak our language. Ultimately, language is nothing but common agreement for co-relation of sounds & symbols with subjects & objects. Read the rest of this entry

Prasthānatraya of Vedānta

The Upaniads, the Bhagavadgītā, and the Brahmasūtra are known as the prasthānatraya – the triple foundation/cannon of Vedānta. Prasthāna means ‘foundation’ and thus, these three constitute the three foundations of – Śruti – revelation, Smti – remembrance, and Nyāya – reason. They are respectively known as, the Upaniṣads or Śruti-prasthāna, the Bhagavadgītā or Smti-prasthāna, and the Brahmasūtra or Nyāya-prasthāna.

Vedas are referred to as Śruti, and since the Upaniṣads form part of the Vedas, their name as Śrutiprasthāna is justified. The Bhagavadgītā stands next to the Upaniṣads with reference to authoritativeness, and is considered almost an equal. Bhagavadgītā or ‘Song of the Lord’ – contains the message of Lord Kṛṣṇa to the humanity. It forms part of the epic, the Mahābhārata, which is a Smti or remembered text. Thus, Bhagavadgītā is known as the Smtiprasthāna. The Brahmasūtra represents the standpoint of reason because; it sets forth the Vedāntic teachings in a logical order. It is also calledUttara-Mīmāsā-Sūtra since it is an enquiry into the final sections of the Vedas; Vedānta-Sūtra since it is the aphoristic text of Vedānta; Śārīraka-Sūtra since it is concerned with the nature and destiny of the embodied jīva; and Bhiku-Sūtra since those who are most competent to study this are the Sannyāsīs, or renunciates who are bhikus.

Thus, we see that the basic sourcebook of Vedānta, and its basic doctrine is based upon Śruti, and supported by Smti and reasoning (Nyāya). In light of this, the central teaching of all three sourcebooks will be posited to be one and the same, i.e. Brahman.  Read the rest of this entry

Gayatri: The Profound Prayer ….

The Sun is the visible face of the Para Brahmn, the Supreme, writes R K MADHUKAR

The spiritual light which is hidden within the Sun is the most brilliant light, Jyotir Uttamam. It is shining through the hearts of all living beings in the form of consciousness. The spiritual light which is shining within the physical Sun also shines within the heart of every human being …..  Yajnavalkya Samhita

The Gayatri is essentially a mantra which invokes the Savitr. According to the vedas and other ancient scriptures, Surya, Savitr and Savitri are the names used to address the Sun. Numerous vedic hymns praise and offer worship to the Sun as Surya and Savitr. The Sun is not merely a natural phenomenon but, more significantly, is Shakti or divine power.

In Hinduism, the Sun is regarded as the visible representative of the Para Brahmn — Supreme Power. The related vedic statement expressing this is Asavadityo Brahma. That means Aditya is Brahma. The ancient scriptures assert that the Brahmanda or the entire universe has emerged from Para Brahma, the Supreme Being. Since this universe came into existence at the instance of the Supreme Being, he is also known as Aditya. This Aditya is the Para Brahma or Isvara, master of this creation. And, Surya is the symbol of this Supreme Being.  Read the rest of this entry

Mind-Body-Money … The Maya!

It is interesting to see the connections among the trio … Mind-Body-Money.

We all know through the spiritual science that the Body is nothing but the physical manifestation of the Mind which is non-material (Mass less). Medical science also confirms the psycho-somatic interrelationships. Hence whatever happens in the body – its influence reflects in the Mind in functionality – and vice versa. If body is in pain, Mind cannot do even simple functions like looking & reading some text on a paper. A great singer may not be able to render a bit of pleasant tune vocally – while suffering from dysentery or diarrhea. A trained body builder & weight lifter may find … 5Kg too heavy to carry if he suddenly receives the news of accident of his near ones. People faint just by looking at blood. Healthy body – healthy mind. Sick mind – sick body.

You can safely compare the human Mind as the software & Body the hardware in the modern lingo of computer age.

In the case of a computer, both hardware & software are created and developed by humans and integrated into one system for functionality. But in the case of humans, Mind is self born and self developing or transforming – while totally controlling the body throughout the life span. Read the rest of this entry

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