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Homeopathy – Allopathy

There are both widely general & selectively particular perceptions – that Homeopathy is a fake and allopathy is a fact! Allopathy really works – but Homeopathy produces only a simple placebo effect! Homeopathy is slow and allopathy is fast! Allopathy is certain – Homeopathy is speculation!

Well, the actual truth is very different from these perceived realities – that is partly due to ignorance and mostly due to calculated and motivated campaign by the opponents of Homeopathy. However, in the filed of “surgery” and organ’s structural restoration, Allopathy has revolutionized health care – while Homeopathy’s role is mostly limited to post operative care for quickest healing and rapid convalescence. Here is a simple compare & contrast between the 2-systems …viz… Homeopathy & Allopathy.

  1. Allopathy is governed by the law of dissimilars – while Homeopathy is governed by law of similars.
  2. Thus, Allopathy retains, suppresses and controls the diseases – while Homeopathy liberates & removes the disease from the system.
  3. Allopathy uses grossly synthetic and manufactured chemicals OR derivatives from healthy or diseased animals (vaccines) – while Homeopathy mostly uses subtle natural substances from mineral, marine & vegetable origins – and occasionally from animal origin after due attenuation (potentization).
  4. Allopathy uses “drugs” – while Homeopathy uses “medicines”.
  5. Allopathy may have dangerous “side-effects” – Homeopathy has none.
  6. Allopathy deals with the Hardware (physical body) – while Homeopathy deals only with the Vital Force (The Software – the inherited genetic code) that runs all the involuntary functions of the body and maintains it on autopilot.
  7. Allopathic drugs take time – from minutes to hours – to go through the oral channel to reach the blood stream for its effect to be felt – while Homeopathic medicines are absorbed instantly in the mouth itself, through the nerves of the tongue.
  8. Homeopathy can work instant life saving miracles in acute emergencies – while Allopathy has limitations due to rigid inherent procedures.
  9. Children suffer & hate Allopathy – children enjoy & love Homeopathy.
  10. Allopathy is costly & unaffordable to many – Homeopathy is very cheap.
  11. Allopathic drugs expire – Homeopathic medicines have no expiry.
  12. Administration very simple and mostly oral in Homeopathy – can be very complicated (intra muscular, intravenous injections etc) in Allopathy.
  13. Allopathy is spare-parts therapy – Homeopathy is holistic.
  14. Treatment & convalescence are separate in Allopathy – convalescence occurs together with cure in Homeopathy.
  15. Allopathy controls and wins battles – Homeopathy cures and wins wars.

MSR Ayyangar ….. Homeopathic Counselor.


Can Nutrition Prevent and Cure illness?

The new question that is gaining momentum all over the health starved world is – can Nutrition cure?  What is nutrition?  Is it not same as food?  No!  Junk food is not nutritious!  Food is the combination of nutrition and waste.  Nutrition is that which is absorbed by the body for utilization to build and sustain the body and waste is excreted to prevent collapse.  The study of Nutrition as a prophylactic or as a medicine is called “Nutriceuticals” or “Nutraceuticals” and is the fastest growing sector for healthcare in the western world.

By the above mentioned definition of nutrition, water becomes a nutrient? Yes it is! How else was the concept of hydrotherapy evolved?  What other reason can be there for so many moisturizers in the world market!  But, water is not only the most important nutrient by itself, but also the carrier in the body of nutrients inward and wastes outward.  So, water is the most important of all the nutrients as it is food and medicine … that is two-in-one.

The normal thought that occurs to any mind, when one thinks of treatment of a disease is that, it is essential to have a drug or a medicine for the Cure — while the word “Cure” itself is not well defined both medically and technically.  It is necessary here to differentiate between a drug and a medicine here. Read the rest of this entry

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