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FDI in Indian Multi Brand Retail – A Diabolical Game Plan of the Rich & Powerful

This link gives access to one of the most lucid, yet very scientific and factual presentations I have come across, on a complex “socio-economic-political” issue world over – ENGLISH – FDI in multi-brand retail Dangerous for India Aug
I have been in the health care field for long and understand that – A substance that kills instantly or quickly is called poison. But – that which kills slowly over a long period, by progressively weakening the system is called a drug. But this awareness does not prevent the diabolical attraction towards drugs for the seekers of instant relief instead of cure. And it is compulsively and irresistibly very attractive to those in the line – who benefit financially … directly or indirectly from the sale of drugs.
Similarly, anything that robs people’s lives or livelihood “very slowly” is considered intelligent, legal, modern and progressive. The marketing strategy (by the vested interests) of FDI in Retail is as simple in it’s appearance at the protagonist’s end – as is cruel and diabolical at the receiver’s end. In short, the powerful and rich want to convince the weak and poor that – “Dying is inevitable for all”. If it is voluntary, it is painless – but if you resist, it will be painful. Killing is a sin only if it is done too fast. But when done very slowly, it is help.
The presentation by Mr. Sekhar Swamy is quite enlightening and his efforts positively commendable … in short, worth going through by all.

Can Nutrition Prevent and Cure illness?

The new question that is gaining momentum all over the health starved world is – can Nutrition cure?  What is nutrition?  Is it not same as food?  No!  Junk food is not nutritious!  Food is the combination of nutrition and waste.  Nutrition is that which is absorbed by the body for utilization to build and sustain the body and waste is excreted to prevent collapse.  The study of Nutrition as a prophylactic or as a medicine is called “Nutriceuticals” or “Nutraceuticals” and is the fastest growing sector for healthcare in the western world.

By the above mentioned definition of nutrition, water becomes a nutrient? Yes it is! How else was the concept of hydrotherapy evolved?  What other reason can be there for so many moisturizers in the world market!  But, water is not only the most important nutrient by itself, but also the carrier in the body of nutrients inward and wastes outward.  So, water is the most important of all the nutrients as it is food and medicine … that is two-in-one.

The normal thought that occurs to any mind, when one thinks of treatment of a disease is that, it is essential to have a drug or a medicine for the Cure — while the word “Cure” itself is not well defined both medically and technically.  It is necessary here to differentiate between a drug and a medicine here. Read the rest of this entry

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