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Why your weight stays ?

You’ve been living on the treadmill and eating organic lettuce, but it doesn’t show on the scale. Check if you are making one of these mistakes

It’s been almost two months since your New Year resolution to lose weight was set in motion. While you are hitting the gym, running the extra mile and keeping a check on your food intake, those pesky kilos have just refuse to leave your body. If you still wear a swimsuit with a towel around you, or can’t slip into the one-size-smaller skinny jeans you bought in hope, our experts give you a few reasons why those pounds aren’t dropping yet.

Inadequate fat in diet

Recognizing which fat is good for your body is one of the most  important aspects of weight loss. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says, “While on a diet, most people cut out on fat. What’s worse is that they keep gobbling ‘diet biscuits’ which are rich in trans fatty acid — the bad fats — while cutting down ghee, white butter and paneer, all of which provide the body with the essential fatty acids. These fats are required for mobilizing fatty acids from the stubborn fat areas of the body.” Read the rest of this entry

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