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Privacy and Secrecy

Often I found that there is confusion between privacy & secrecy among the people.  I decided to deeply contemplate on this subject to find my own clarity on it – which I am sharing here with you all.

Privacy is about you alone seeing & fully knowing all about your action –ie- how & where it is being performed and when.  Easiest example is, attending to the calls of nature like a going to a toilette for a Loo or WC. There is no secrecy about this –ie- you have no problem letting others know about “what” the action is, but it is about not letting others know “how” you do it –OR- how you “look” while doing it. The paradox about this whole thing is – mostly everyone does it the same way – but no one would like others to know exactly how you look at that time. The urge for privacy is more with female gender than the male for historical reasons of evolution.

Like all existence, the urge for privacy is very personal and varies from person to person – in relation to the other persons. Peculiarly – the intensity of urge for privacy progressively gets decreased with growing intimacy between people – but increases phenomenally with estrangement. We can often see this happening at homes between parents & children, among the siblings, even among the friends & colleagues etc. Read the rest of this entry

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