“Maya” explained through Maths, Physics & Chemistry

It is hard to find an exact equivalent to the Sanskrit word “Maya” in any other language. A loose translation or an explanation can be…illusion + delusion + hallucination. Now it is difficult to imagine the combination of all the three abstract words into one conceptual meaning. Hence this humble attempt to find examples from 3 fundamental sciences to elucidate the concept of Maya.


Zero + Zero = Zero;
Zero – Zero = Zero;
Zero x Zero = Zero;
Zero / Zero = Indeterminate (undefined);
Any Number x Zero = Zero;
Any Number / Zero = Infinity!
This is Maya!


Fundamental forces in the manifest world are…Magnetic, Electric, Gravitational, Nuclear. The nuclear forces are further divided into Weak (Electrons & Nucleus in the Atom) & Strong (Proton & Neutrons inside Nucleus) Forces. The whole universe is intertwined with Matter & Energy whose easily observable fundamental units are Atoms. Forces exist inside and outside the atoms in different forms originating from an unknown single source. This is Maya!


Hydrogen (Fundamental Atom in the universe) is highly inflammable and combustible. Oxygen is the essential element of every possible form of combustion. When they both chemically combine to form Water – it quenches or stops every possibility of combustion – causing Fire. This is Maya!

Nitrogen is the most abundant element (78%) in the atmospheric “Air” but totally inert. Oxygen is the next best (21%) available in the atmospheric Air but very reactive. It is impossible to find free Hydrogen in the Air which is explosive. Carbon is the most abundant mineral in the earth which is combustible in the presence of Oxygen. These 4 – Elements…Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen (Drawn from Water) and Oxygen (Drawn both from Water & Air) collude together and enlist the support of all other elements present on earth to create and sustain every form of life and all organisms which are infinite in numbers. This is Maya!

The ultimate manifestation & expression Maya is – the unseen controls the seen and the unknown controls the known.

This is the “All-Encompassing MAYA” !!!


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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