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Truth as it is!

I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer (class of 1965-1970) from NITW-INDIA.
My employment with GE-USA (1973-75) in the Electro-Medical field in India pushed me into studying diverse aspects of health care. Subsequently, my interest in “Life Sciences” sucked me deep into exploring and understanding the connection between Life & Matter.
In the last 40 years of my counseling  through “Holistic Health (AYUSH)” – I might have advised satisfactorily about 350,000 times (including repeat patients – about 25 a day on an average) through all means of communications -viz- Personal interactions, Referrals, Emails, WhatsApp, Messengers, Telephones etc….thus covering the whole Globe!

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Homeopathy – Allopathy

There are both widely general & selectively particular perceptions – that Homeopathy is a fake and allopathy is a fact! Allopathy really works – but Homeopathy produces only a simple placebo effect! Homeopathy is slow and allopathy is fast! Allopathy is certain – Homeopathy is speculation!

Well, the actual truth is very different from these perceived realities – that is partly due to ignorance and mostly due to calculated and motivated campaign by the opponents of Homeopathy. However, in the filed of “surgery” and organ’s structural restoration, Allopathy has revolutionized health care – while Homeopathy’s role is mostly limited to post operative care for quickest healing and rapid convalescence. Here is a simple compare & contrast between the 2-systems …viz… Homeopathy & Allopathy.

  1. Allopathy is governed by the law of dissimilars – while Homeopathy is governed by law of similars.
  2. Thus, Allopathy retains, suppresses and controls the diseases – while Homeopathy liberates & removes the disease from the system.
  3. Allopathy uses grossly synthetic and manufactured chemicals OR derivatives from healthy or diseased animals (vaccines) – while Homeopathy mostly uses subtle natural substances from mineral, marine & vegetable origins – and occasionally from animal origin after due attenuation (potentization).
  4. Allopathy uses “drugs” – while Homeopathy uses “medicines”.
  5. Allopathy may have dangerous “side-effects” – Homeopathy has none.
  6. Allopathy deals with the Hardware (physical body) – while Homeopathy deals only with the Vital Force (The Software – the inherited genetic code) that runs all the involuntary functions of the body and maintains it on autopilot.
  7. Allopathic drugs take time – from minutes to hours – to go through the oral channel to reach the blood stream for its effect to be felt – while Homeopathic medicines are absorbed instantly in the mouth itself, through the nerves of the tongue.
  8. Homeopathy can work instant life saving miracles in acute emergencies – while Allopathy has limitations due to rigid inherent procedures.
  9. Children suffer & hate Allopathy – children enjoy & love Homeopathy.
  10. Allopathy is costly & unaffordable to many – Homeopathy is very cheap.
  11. Allopathic drugs expire – Homeopathic medicines have no expiry.
  12. Administration very simple and mostly oral in Homeopathy – can be very complicated (intra muscular, intravenous injections etc) in Allopathy.
  13. Allopathy is spare-parts therapy – Homeopathy is holistic.
  14. Treatment & convalescence are separate in Allopathy – convalescence occurs together with cure in Homeopathy.
  15. Allopathy controls and wins battles – Homeopathy cures and wins wars.

MSR Ayyangar ….. Homeopathic Counselor.

Ten Tips From Yogic Texts And Sages

1. Eat nutritious foods that suit your constitution … in moderate quantities.

2. Walk every day … if possible.

3. Avoid people who are manipulative, loud, obnoxious, and destructive … if at all possible.

4. Keep company of people who are pleasant, easy going, cheerful … and supportive.

5. Remain silent when you have the urge to be … sarcastic or make fun of someone.

6. Help people who are in need … within your capacity.

7. Take the time to be alone everyday … and be with yourself.

8. Never give into peer pressure to drink or do drugs or go to wild parties (Get together with good friends for fun – singing & dancing is OK!).

9. Develop confidence in your own ability to do what you need to do.

10. Engage in introspection at the end of the day. Mentally wishing everyone well, always go to bed with a clean slate.

Drugs Make You Sicker!

You may have been consuming drugs for health – but getting sickly more and more?  Did you ever think why?  Drugs don’t cure! Do you know that?  They only relieve or control..! Medicines alone help cure!  Actually Body & Mind can completely cure themselves with the right kind of help.  Do you know the actual difference between a drug and a medicine? Contrary to the normal belief that they are synonyms (same) – they are actually antonyms (opposite).  Drugs take away control of your body & mind from you! Medicines reverse this and restore the control back to you!

Let me elaborately clarify here how it is so …

Drug: A drug is a chemical substance that takes control of your body or mind depending on its own inherent nature.  For example – when you take a sleeping pill, it puts you to sleep no matter how much you want to be awake! It rules over your body & mind. You can repeat this exercise many times – and you will experience the same every time.

It does not stop there! Subsequently when you want to sleep, it will make your body ask for the pill again. As you start yielding to its demand, it will keep asking progressively for more and more pills for the same amount of sleep while reducing the quality of sleep!  You will finally end up in a state that – unless you have many pills each time – you simply cannot have even normal sleep – which is so natural to all living creatures. By now you have become totally a slave to that pill. Pill is the lord & master! This state is called drug dependence.  Your life will not be under your control – but the drug.
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