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Problems of Women – Past & Present

Except in external physical shape, reproductive & endocrine systems – Man & Woman of human race & specie – are equally endowed in all planes of existence –viz- physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. The God’s purpose of these differences is obvious – the procreation – Function Dictates Structure. Union of Male & Female is fundamental to evolution of Life into higher levels of existence.

God introduced a new complexity in the game of Life, for “His” own thrill & enjoyment – Masculine Women & Feminine Men … and as if not enough … a neutral gender – who by no measure are inferior to others in their specie – but often, occupy an inferior position & place for no fault of theirs – but imposed by those who have an advantage of majority, with God given reproductive ability.

Why this male dominance of female in most forms of life on earth with few exceptions?

Life is a game of Survival. Survival is a game of wars. A war will have many battles. War is a game of strategy – hence needs mental strength. Battle is a game of dominant force – hence needs physical strength. So, historically, males kept winning battles while females kept winning wars of “Survival”. This has been going on – and will go on forever – in all species of Life.

In this process of natural selection, female population periodically increased higher than male population. Immediately, sensing the danger, the male population created social rules for a foul play, to bring down the female population for balance – like “Sati Sahagamanam” in the past and female foeticide & infanticide in the present – not aware that they as a gender, will have to pay heavy price for this later. Read the rest of this entry


10 Commandments generated from “My Own Life”

1. Intentions are never seen by people – but actions are seen. Hence actions will have to be tailored to project intentions properly. Agreements should never be violated – unless & until they are changed by a new agreement. Here, time spent is not a waste – as it builds strong foundation for the “super structure” that will have stability.

2. People understand rarely – but misunderstand very easily and quickly. Leaders (office bearers) should never forget this. Strong human society is built by assuming “average intelligence”  or lower, of its people – but never high level of intelligence.

3. Forgiving is good – but not forgetting. Person, who forgets, learns no lessons from the past – so never improves in future actions.

4. Those, who are in the habit of digging themselves in – (into their own grave) – will have to be allowed to dig themselves out on their own – lest no lessons are ever learnt by them. Helping them out by playing to their tune – will often result in our falling in that grave from them. They will not stop – but continue digging for others …!!!

5. There are people who can blame you for saving their lives – as you did not take their prior permission …!!! Read the rest of this entry

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