Problems of Women – Past & Present

Except in external physical shape, reproductive & endocrine systems – Man & Woman of human race & specie – are equally endowed in all planes of existence –viz- physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. The God’s purpose of these differences is obvious – the procreation – Function Dictates Structure. Union of Male & Female is fundamental to evolution of Life into higher levels of existence.

God introduced a new complexity in the game of Life, for “His” own thrill & enjoyment – Masculine Women & Feminine Men … and as if not enough … a neutral gender – who by no measure are inferior to others in their specie – but often, occupy an inferior position & place for no fault of theirs – but imposed by those who have an advantage of majority, with God given reproductive ability.

Why this male dominance of female in most forms of life on earth with few exceptions?

Life is a game of Survival. Survival is a game of wars. A war will have many battles. War is a game of strategy – hence needs mental strength. Battle is a game of dominant force – hence needs physical strength. So, historically, males kept winning battles while females kept winning wars of “Survival”. This has been going on – and will go on forever – in all species of Life.

In this process of natural selection, female population periodically increased higher than male population. Immediately, sensing the danger, the male population created social rules for a foul play, to bring down the female population for balance – like “Sati Sahagamanam” in the past and female foeticide & infanticide in the present – not aware that they as a gender, will have to pay heavy price for this later.

Male is too physical and Female is too emotional in basic nature. And that manifests in all their individual and collective actions of sexual & social behavior. In the first 3-dynamics of Survival called – Self, Family & Group – you can see this difference patently. Look at the history dispassionately – “family” as a social unit of any specie survived, only because of females and not males. Every child born survives and grows to adulthood only because care & protection primarily of females and partly or minimally of males with insignificant exceptions.

Hinduism has aptly projected Female as the primal energy called “Shakthi” that pervades all creation and space. Few have truly understood this and practiced it in their life – including females – as they were their own gender enemies. No matter how much and how long they remain under male domination – they keep winning wars, leaving battles for males to win.

Highest existence is aesthetics & beauty – which is absolute & exclusive female preserve forever. If scientists ever discover the God particle “Boson” – its gender shall be “Female”.


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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  1. Are women superior to men? Absolutely so! In the game of survival called Life – or in the game of life called survival – generally women’s actions were more pro-survival and men’s actions more contra-survival. But for women, the humanity would have ended long ago.

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