Chemical Mother? What? What are you saying?

Mother Earth is “Mother Supreme” – mother of all mothers – as also the single and only source of all chemicals on this planet – is it not? Wow! I did not think like that before! Well the framework of biology depends on biochemistry – without which there is no biology! Body is nothing but a conglomerate of numerous chemicals and their individual & collective reactions – both independent & interdependent.

If physics is primarily the study of micro & macro structures – chemistry is the study of their functions. Biochemistry is the study of the inter-relationship –viz- between the function & structure – with “Life”.

What is life? Simply that “structure” which can “function” on its-own, for motion & development. That is, it has the capability to move on its own volition and also develop itself to function better.  Aaahhh!

Well, if you consider seriously – biological mother is what? She first constructs the full structure (body) inside herself – and also helps further development since giving birth to you for functioning better. So, is she the giver of life? Not exactly – giver of your body (structure) but life flows through her to you!

Then what is this chemical mother? The Earth! She provides all the materials for the “structure” in the form of food (complex organic & inorganic chemicals) – to you and your own biological mother – hence the mother of all mothers – but just a “chemical mother” … Mother Supreme … The Earth!

Quite a revelation … never thought like this! Yes! None of us do – till something triggers the thought!

How do you compare the biological mother with the chemical mother in practical life?

Well … in many ways their actions & reactions are quite similar. If your biological mother has constructed your body – it is with the help of the chemical mother who provided food for her. Thus your biological mother would not have been able to do anything for you without the chemical mother. Don’t forget that, it is this chemical mother that sustains you & your biological mother together, by continuing to provide food for both of you for life. When you throw your shit & pee (waste chemicals) – she returns it gracefully as food (usable chemicals) for you! She does not care whether you thank her for this or not – she will continue to do this for your entire life – also entertains you with her own natural beauty!

Well how about the biological mother? Ohh – can’t you get it straight? You do throw a lot of mental shit & pee (anger, frustration etc. born of your own failures) on her daily in many different ways – and she converts & returns it instantly or later (depending on your own condition) – as help, compassion or kindness – to ensure your restoration of stability, sustenance, development, surviving, thriving – and finally everything she is capable of … for your own happiness.

Ok … Understand “The Earth” … you can understand your Mother!


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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  1. very welll said and very true. No wonder our elders called mother earth.


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