Holistic Viewpoint on Vegetarianism

Origin of “Life” on earth needed only 3 essential components – sunlight, minerals of earth and water. Life appears to have begun in water few billion years ago (Propelled by a Supreme Entity we may call – God / Nature) – first in the form of single cell bacteria, thriving by consuming dissolved minerals of water. Concurrently or later, plant life also began on earth in the form of Lichen (Algae) – propelled by the same supreme entity – by combining minerals and transforming it into plants by using water as the main element for ingesting food, and using sun light as the source of energy for the process.

Evolution of life progressed with time, to higher forms from the lower, both in water and on earth. On careful observation we can broadly find two main categories of life on earth – animals that can move on their own from their place of birth to another location in search food for survival – and the plants which stay where they are born and draw food from the minerals of earth with the help of water, with no capability to move to another location. This resulted in the plants becoming the source food for the animals – as plants cannot run and escape.“Survival” being the name of the game (called “Life”) – plants found their own ways of survival as species by multiplying & diversifying rapidly with ease – overtaking the speed at which they are consumed as food by animals. So did the animals in their own different ways. But, as the complexity grew in multiplication of specie & evolution – lower forms of life became the food for the higher forms of life for survival – with the explicit sanction of the “Mighty Mother Nature”. When I say higher form, I mean the ability to move with speed for food, supported by thinking mind. This faculty of thinking mind and its own self-evolution to diabolical levels is what made the humans the worst and most effective predators of all other life forms.

There is a theory that Mother-Nature had its own ways of designing, defining and differentiating herbivores and carnivores! The herbivores have longer intestines and carnivores haves shorter intestines for digesting & assimilating eaten food. Herbivores drink water using lips and carnivores drink water using their tongues. This distinct difference has been observed and confirmed by keen spiritualists. Thinking minds of humans made them omnivores – giving them the power of choice over their food. But if you go by the designs & dictates of Mother-Nature – human intestines are longer and we also drink water using lips – thus we appear to have been ordained by nature to be only herbivores (Vegetarians).

Higher life forms of various scales & grades have minds and thus have emotions of – Pain, Fear, Anger & Revenge. Mostly, the evolved marine & land animals have this faculty well developed in them. Instinct forms the major portion of the minds of these animals. Instinct is the collective mind of all the cells in the meat body of animals with their cumulative memories. So, all the cells in the meat body carry their own memories of Pain, Fear, Anger and Revenge. So, the flesh of animals carry all these memories of the animals and its emotions prior to and while being slaughtered. When consumed by the humans, these memories get transferred, ingrained and instilled in the human flesh. This is the cause of psycho-somatic illnesses in humans – which is observed to be the foundation for 70% of all illnesses suffered by humans. Irrational fears, phobias, uncontrollable anger, spoiled relationships, desire for violence, frustrations in work places, urge to destroy and kill others, predisposition to diseases … are all results of deposited memories of animal’s flesh in human flesh – due to profound integral mind body connection.

Carnivorous animals kill to eat themselves or feed their families. But humans eat that has been killed by others. This is where the conscience of humans gets insulated from the killing actions they promote. How many among humans can kill themselves to eat meat? Anyone among non-vegetarians, who visits an abattoir once, may stop eating non-vegetarian food. Just try and watch the videos on You Tube – your conscience will revolt, seeing the cruelty of humans and the pain & trauma of the animals. Meat production hurts the eye and the smell repels.

Often, the justification for meat eating is the need for protein. Just compare a Tiger & Lion (carnivores) with Elephant, Rhino & Hippo (herbivores) – you will get the message and the irrationality of looking at meat as the essential source of protein.

Now the question arises – are not the plants living too. Can you kill to eat them? Yes of course they are living and have a life of their own. But can you sense any pain, fear, anger and revenge in them while cutting and plucking? As I said earlier, survival is the name of the game called life. Food is the essential foundation for survival. We have to assume / presume that Mother-Nature has given her permission and sanction for both herbivorous animals & humans for their survival and correspondingly designed & devised the plant life for sacrifice to meet this need.

Cancer incidence & vulnerability is attributed to meat eating to a great extent in the present day findings in research. Industrialized and commercial meat production has further enhanced the danger to human health – as animals are heavily drugged to increase their flesh mass for higher profits. In the process, human consumers are also getting drugged unwittingly to their own detriment. Thus non vegetarians are more vulnerable to many diseases compared to vegetarians. Most of meat eaters become inadvertent victims by this innocent habit and the desire for taste – cultivated from child hood.

Life is nothing but relationships and choices –ie- relationship with nature and choice of actions. Both are in our own hands –viz- our life is in our own hands for its quality and longevity.


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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  1. Raghu Echempati

    If this argument is correct, it perhaps explains why non-moving/movable plants (such as tea, grass, others??) and certain trees and among the animal kingdom, the elephants and slow moving turtles, etc., who depend on those 3 entities live much longer than their ‘faster moving’ counterparts.

  2. Raghu … there appears no generalized direct relationship between motion & longevity. But there seems to be an observable connection between longevity & food. Herbivores are found to be generally at peace with themselves – while not so with carnivores which exhibit restlessness & agitation at the slightest provocation. Herbivores live longer than the carnivores in general – among animals. The corollary is, ferocious animals live shorter. This probably is the nature’s will to keep the ecological balance……MSR

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