Vedic Meditation – Scientology Auditing

In Vedanthic Upanishads – there is an essential joint prayer (Manthra) by the Guru (teacher) & the Sishya (student) – defining their relationship and prior agreement of purpose between them. It is quoted below in Sanskrit.

Sahanavavathu – Sahanoubhunakthu – Sahaveeryam Karavaavahai

Tejaswinavadheethamastu – Maavidvishavahai

Aum shaanthi shaanthi shaanthihi.

Translation: Let God protect both (teacher & student) of us in all ways. Let God help us learn together and from each other, so we jointly experience the truth. Let there never be any rivalry, conflict or animosity between us.  Let there be harmony, peace & tranquility in all the 3-planes connected with our life –ie- physiological, mental & environmental.

The essence of the above prayer finds its reflection in the code of conduct for the pre clears (PC) and auditors in Scientology.  Though the Auditor & PC are not the exact equivalent of Guru and Sishya – similarity exists in the work cooperation between the two for learning and jointly advancing towards spiritual enlightenment. Vedic Meditation – Scientology Auditing:

Vedic Meditation (Dhyana):

Vedic concept of meditation is primarily the process of transforming the turbulent state of mind into a tranquil one, so that it can function with its optimal potential to serve its master – the Man. The purpose is to liberate the man who remains a subservient slave to his mind and thus lives in pain and perpetuates his own misery.

Meditation starts with a man sitting in a comfortable & relaxing position in a calm and quiet place. He closes his eyes, takes few deep breaths and then leaves it to its own rhythm while keenly observing it. While this observation of his own breathing continues – he has to follow the commands … no creation of thoughts … no following of thoughts … and no resistance to thoughts.

This process – when practised with skill – leads Man to look into his own past existence very deeply.  He progressively regresses into his past existence and clearly “sees” what he had been, where he had been, when he had been, why he had been, how he had been and finally who he had been.  This is called in Sanskrit “Shat Prasna Margam” – meaning – “The path of finding answers through 6 questions” towards “self realization”.

The historical problem of Man has been his ignorance of his own original identity. He has lost his identity and hence is wandering aimlessly and acting emotionally. Emotions suppress & destroy the intellect.  When the original identity is reestablished, Man sees “what is” – “as is” – thus can understand it correctly and resolves any related problem, because the “maaya” (illusion) disappears.

According to Veda – the cosmic law is – “Relive to Relieve”.  Reliving the past lives “consciously” relieves Man of his ignorance of his original identity – which results in disappearance of all the problems connected with the false identity. Man then gets restored to his original state of “bliss”.

Scientology Auditing:

The concept, underlying principle or science behind meditation and auditing are same. But auditing brings the tools & equipments of presently understood and well established physical sciences into play – thus making it easy for practice and application with higher levels of certainty. The introduction and use of E-Meter in the hands of skilled auditor can make a huge difference to the process of relieving the man from his aberrated state – both in terms of speed and intensity.  Auditing with E-Meter is a quantum jump in technology of restoring & reestablishing spiritual identity of Humans.


I do not mean to say through all the foregoing that LRH drew all his inspiration from Veda alone while authoring Scientology. He did refer to Veda in glorious terms -viz – A Tremendous body of Knowledge – in his many writings and speeches.  He did extensive studies on the works of others as well and in many areas during his research. What is unmistakable is the identical nature of objects & purpose both in Veda & Scientology to lift the humans to higher levels of awareness and existence – thus leading them to spiritual liberation variously called – Moksha, Nirvana etc.

As I wrote earlier, “Veda” is understood as the knowledge that is native, latent & inherent in every man. Those who realize this are great humans and others are ordinary.  Truly, learning & training is nothing but the process of recovering from the treasure of lost powers & possessions –or- recollecting the forgotten from the dormant cumulative memory of the long past.  LRH appears obviously as one of such great men who brought out the Veda latent in him to manifest as Scientology Technology.

I am an Indian – a Hindu Brahmin – who has been, intensely exposed to Vedic philosophy and Spirituality – initially through the compulsion of having to listen to my father and later though serious personal study driven by the inspiring & absorbing nature of the very subject itself. I also happened to study Engineering and qualified as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer in 1970 from REC (NIT) Warangal (AP) – INDIA.

This combination in my education made me a fertile ground for getting seeded and then growing into a Scientologist – when my close friend & partner Mr. Loren Carl Troescher (OT3) and his wife Mrs. Bonnie Troescher (OT7),  introduced me to Scientology in 1998.  I have done intensive & extensive study of Scientology since then (for 10 years) and am greatly benefited by it – in getting greater clarity on crucial aspects of life & living.

I personally feel LRH has rendered yeomen service to humanity through gifting Scientology to them, which in my opinion is the Technology of today’s need to realize the objects of Veda.  If Veda is the Science – Scientology is the Technology. India, the land of Veda stands to benefit immensely by Scientology, so should welcome it whole heartedly – for does not Veda say – Let noble thoughts flow in from every where..?


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I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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