God – Worship – Love – Life

These 4 words represented “enigmatic concepts” all along the evolution of modern Humans. These 4 words are often used in general conversations, hardly clearly understood, but eloquently lectured on by the so called elite and the ignorant alike, in equal measure – which hardly makes any sense to a rationalist – when scientifically inspected or examined. The best way to attempt clear understanding of a concept is to dig into its fundamental definition and how it is sourced or engendered. Mathematical approach is the simplest – as it is the language of Science. Look at the following summation of components …

GOD = Generator + Operator + Destroyer

OR alternately with equivalents such as …

GOD = Creator + Sustainer + Transformer

The above describes summarily … with great all-encompassing accuracy! 

Worship = Admiration + Praise + Surrender + Faith

The above components can exist individually or in different combinations.

Love = Affinity + Tolerance + Sharing + Communication + Identity

All the above components are exhibited often together.

Life = Matter + Mind + Soul (Spirit)

The above components combine in different proportions for varied organisms.

As Life evolves, it expands its “Mind” to include “Love” and then Love expands to include “GOD” through “Worship”. 

Note: The above is my present state of understanding after over 6 decades of my existence and continuous search for an answer. 

I do not rule out the possibility that it may change in future! 

MSR Ayyangar


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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