God – Prayer – Worship

The problem that haunted the humans from time immemorial is – To be or not to be + To do or not to do + To have or not to have! One has to be to do, one has to do to have and one has to have to be again! Thus this cycle (Being-Doing-Having) is an inseparable triangle and a spiral – moving upwards or downwards depending on choices one makes from time to time.

The most critical components in “Having” are … belief and faith. Let us look at the “inherent” meaning of these two words. Belief = I do not know! One does not have to believe that one is breathing and is alive … one simply knows it. When you do not know, you are forced to believe either by yourself or by others prompting. Faith = Strong belief, based on some direct perception or experience – but still nowhere as stable as “knowing”.

Prayer = Beseeching for some consideration and favor deservingly or otherwise.

Worship = Admiration born out of appreciation of the “quality & quantity”.

If you agree with my above definitions, you will appreciate the meaninglessness of most of our actions based on beliefs and faith – as belief & faith falter very often in the absence of knowing.

GOD = Original and Supreme Cause … of all causes, that manifest as effects in the universes. Thus Veda has defined God as “Sarva kaarana kaaraka”.

Probably this is the best definition for God, which none can dispute, no matter what school of faith one belongs to. A cause does not have to have a name or a shape – you agree? Energy, Gravity, Electricity & Magnetism – the fundamental forces in the universe – do not have a definite shape & name. Their names are given
by us – and not their own assumed names, nor personally revealed by them.

One has to know and understand these fundamental forces to deal & work with them for our benefit. None of them will oblige you if you pray to them without knowing them. They may mercilessly harm or kill you if your try to deal with them without knowing them well.

Don’t you now agree with me that it is better to know God than believe and have faith in God? Most religions insist on belief & faith and never let you know God – thus installing a power broker between you and God. They insist that the name given by them alone is the true name of God … nothing can be more silly! They say their God is the only “One God”.

Veda (Hinduism) says “There is only God” meaning – everything known and unknown, seen and unseen, living and nonliving is nothing but God. Does this make ample sense to you? Is it now easier for you to admire … I mean worship GOD?


About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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