The Difference between Ethics & Morals

These are basically parts of a “common agreement” of DOs & DONTs among a group of people to minimize conflicts and establish “Harmony”. The group can be very small to very big … expanding from a small village to a state, a nation, a continent of the whole world. Morality is the foundation of “Man Made Laws” for the legal systems – providing for rewards, awards & punishments. Morality will vary with varying choices of people in different locations at different times with different circumstances & environments. Some conditions of morality may be common across the world but many may not be.
Morality also forms the foundation of “Culture” of a society and thus culture & laws often get intermingled in that society, influencing the administration & governance as a whole. Morality defines the good & bad conduct in each particular society covering food & dressing, education & training, professions & careers, social & community behaviour. Monogamy & polygamy, matriarchy & patriarchy, gender differentiation for awards, rewards & punishments, distribution of duties & responsibility among the genders etc are all parts of cultural morality extending to legalities. Morals can be changed by those who are part of that community through common agreement. Religions also play an important role in defining the morality in any society as any religion is a common agreement dictated by common culture, belief & faith. But morals are “Never Universal”.

This covers the 8-Dynamics of Life, governing all existence & survival -Viz-
1. Self (Individuals)
2. Family (Parents, Children & Siblings)
3. Human Groups (Social & Political)
4. Mankind (All men & women of the world)
5. Other forms of life including plants & animals
6. The physical environment of air, fire, water & earth
7. Soul
8. God.
This summarization is drawn from “Scientology” whose origin is Veda, the prime scriptures of India. In Veda, the word “Dharma” is defined as – Thought, word & deed aligned to maximise (optimize) the greatest good for the largest number of dynamics. Thus, ethics extends the human’s responsibility to protect not only all humans, but also covers other species & life forms, physical material and world’s environment. It further extends to the evolution of soul to realize God…to unite the last 2 dynamics of life. Thus morality becomes a part of ethics. Ethics are “Eternal & Universal”.

About MSR

I am a Healthcare products manufacturer & exporter and also a healthcare counselor. The areas of my interest include Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Humanities, History and Sports.

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